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We are Marty and Marcella.  We have

been married for 40 plus years.  We have

participated and acted in leadership

roles, such as, Choir Director, various

Parish Councils anf functions, and in

many ministry services over the years. 

We have written and published music

with other Christian Musicians and

Writers.  We also provide music support

for ministries in our area, such as, a

Catholic Women's Evangilization Ministry,

a local Novitiate, and a local annual

Pilgrimage to a Shrine in Southern


Our ministry is helping people to

encounter the love, mercy, and healing

power of God through the message in the

teachings, prayer, and Praise and

Worship music.

Our ministry, which has been well

received, is available to any interested

Catholic or Christian community within

Arizona but we are open to out-of-state


  Healing Hearts Ministry