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Mission Statement

Our goal is to prodivde services

such as: Music Usage Database,

BIAB/MIDI shell files that

others might be able to modify

and use to augment their church

music, and other resources that

might be useful and helpful.

To help other musicians and

writers in their quest to perfect

their gift of songwriting and

music by providing articles and

resources that would be helpful

and useful.

To share our own gift of

songwriting and music that it

might touch more lives as it has

done so well over the years.

Our Healing Hearts Ministry  helps people encounter the love, mercy, and healing power of God through the message of prayer, teachings, and Praise and Worship Music.  The goal is to create an atmosphere where the power of the Holy Spirit is welcomed; healing us in mind, body, and soul through the Blood of Jesus.
   MMissary Music                    We are all a work in progress.