Basic Theory Graphics
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The Staff

The Clef Signs

Line and Space Names


Whole - Half - Quarter Notes

The Measure

Time Signatures

Note Values

Rest Values

Dotted Notes

Ledger Lines

The Repeat Sign
First and Second Endings

The Tie

The Slur

Eighth Notes

Eighth Rests

Dotted Quarter Notes

The Flat - Sharp - Natural


The Key Signature

The Flat Keys

The Sharp Keys

Sixteenth Notes

Sixteenth Rests

Dotted Eighth Notes

Alla Breve


Whole - Half Steps

Tetra Chords

Major Scales

Circle of Keys I

Circle Of Keys II

Slow Time

Fast Time


Chromatic Scales

Enharmonic Tones

Signs and Abbreviations I

Signs and Abbreviations II

Minor Scales



Complex Time Signatures

Perfect and Major Intervals

Minor Intervals

Augmented and Diminished Intervals

Two - Part Harmony

Major Chords - TRIADS

Scales of Triads

The Dominant Seventh Chord


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