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The following CDs are available for purchase. Cost of each CD is $15.00 plus $5.00 for shipping and handling. Visit the Store links below.

We will be setting up a regular shop on the flash websites which will include reworked and new material in the near future so visit these sites from time to time as well.:-)

CD Title: ( Style/Genre:)
Caught Up With Jesus (Christian Country/Gospel)

Always, I Am Here (Christian Country)

Anticipation (My daughters music CD) (Instrumental Rock)

Back Roads ( Instrumental Country)

Feel The Rhythm (Instrumental Rock/Dance)

Gather Round (Christian Country/Gospel)

Genesis ( Instrumental Alternative/Easy Listening)

Heavenly Harmonies ( Instrumental Alternative/Easy Listening)

My Jesus Is Coming (Christian Country/Easy Listening)

Nature's Harmonies ( Instrumental Alternative/Easy Listening)

Sailing ( Instrumental Alternative/Easy Listening)

Sedona (Instrumental Country)

Seeking The Father (Instrumental Alternative/Easy Listening)

The Call ( Instrumental Alternative/Easy Listening)

There Is Only One Love - Disc 1 (Christian Country)

There Is Only One Love - Disc 2 (Christian Country)

Yesterday's Dreams ( Instrumental Rock/Dance/Easy Listening)

Addidtional information and samples of the music on the above CDs can be found and listened to at
or rough demo's are here.

Our Store can be found at the following links. or visit the flash website here. or visit the flash website here.

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