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We provide several items that many have found useful and helpful over the years.

1. The Music Usage Database - a starting point in finding older Christian Music. Many Publishers and Music Directors alike have found this area of the site a great service in meeting their needs. We've had aritists also check us out and help us correct data errors. Some artists we have helped with other issues specific to their needs. You can contact us if you need further assistance once you have found an item in the database or if you don't find what you're looking for and we'll try to help you.

2. The BIAB/MIDI Files - are shell files for many Christian pieces that you can modify for use at church or other such use. Many folks have used them to augment their music at church and in their Sunday School or Religion Classes.

3. We also collaborate with others and are willing to work with others on lyrics, music, and do rough vocal recordings. This isn't for everyone but if you like some of what we've done we're willing to work with you. Collaboration is always a good thing as you learn from each other and each brings something new to the process.

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