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AVD File List

Collects information about files and sub-folders under the specified folders or drives on your computer and generates listings in your preferred format. You can individually specify your desired information types to include in the list.

This application creates a customizable list of files within a folder or directory. AVD FileList's standard gray box interface includes a basic file-tree navigator for easy file location and a large tabular window for viewing file details. A series of radio buttons and tick boxes lets you specify what information you want to include or exclude, like file path, name, extension, size, and date. It allows you to select files from the list to exlcude in the generated listing or file. You can save the list in text, HTML, and CSV format. You also can print the lists from within the program. AVD FileList is a nice additional tool for all level of users who want a quick way of creating file catalogs.

It is a perfect tool for creating catalogs of the files of your CD's and DVD's. As list has an ordinary format you are able to print it.


- Generates the list using only the items you select;
- Generates the list of the sub-folders with sub-folders size;
- Allows you to specify the file and folder size unit from bytes, kB, MB;
- Allows you to specify the delimiter from space, comma, slash, and no delimiter;
- Includes an Abort button to stop the operation when a folder is too big or a machine is too slow;
Creates a weblink path to files found in your local directories/folders;

- Ability to specify a Page Title; a return web page link;

- Allows for selecting a file and removing it from the list to be generated;
- Printing .

It is a great tool for creating printable directories/folders/files lists of the data residing on your computer. It also allows for the creation of HTML files which can be used for simple weblink pages that point to files on your website. This program is a tool that is invaluable. This program has an easy learning curve and is simple to use and provides capabilities that are hard to find elsewhere.

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