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Our Ministry Outreach

We are a Praise and Worship Ministry

that augments other Christian Ministry

music needs.  Our main goal is to usher in

the presence of God through music.

We also offer the following programs:

Understanding and Experiencing God's

Love - Learning about God's attributes as

a reflection of His love for us and

experiencing God in our everyday lives.

Experiencing a Relationship with Jesus -

The characteristics and attributes of

Jesus are really what we should be

exhibiting in our daily lives.  We may be

the only Jesus that people encounter.

Holy Spirit - Fire of God - The Holy Spirit

is the manifestation of God's love and

glory in our lives.  We can experience the

nine fruits of the Holy Spirit in our daily


Faith in Action - We as christians are

ambassadors for Christ.  Through His

spiritual gifts we can share our faith in

action by being open to the Holy Spirit as

we become doers of the Word not just

hearers of the Word.

A Journey of Faith thru the Healing Touch

of God - Focusing on the healing of the

Soul which consists of mind, emotions,

and will.  These ultimately affect our

whole being, body and soul.

Life in the Spirit Seminar - Renewing a

deeper relationship with Jesus, through

the Holy Spirit, obtaining an

understanding of the Gifts of the Holy

Spirit and the reception of the Baptism of

the Holy Spirit.

  Healing Hearts Ministry